Basic Dental Services in Lilburn, GA

Our pediatric dental office provides numerous basic dental services for young individuals in the Lilburn, GA area. Everyone at our kids' dental office is committed to supplying the very best dental care for young children.

Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentist office in Lilburn, GA specializes in treating children's teeth from infancy all the way through their teenage years. Pediatric dentists have an extra two to three years of schooling after dental school to learn the special techniques needed to effectively treat your little one's mouth. Our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA is equipped to provide your children with guidance and special advice for how to go about taking care of their oral health.

Our dental office in Lilburn, GA will foster your child's dental growth and development and help them to avoid dental problems in the future by promoting exceptional oral health care today. Our pediatric dental office is ready to provide your child with all of the following necessary dental services for maintaining their mouth.

Dental Checkups

Routine dental check-ups are necessary to help keep your son or daughter's oral health in fantastic condition. In the course of our routine dental exams, we're able to determine whether your son or daughter has any cavities. If we locate any, we are able to have them cared for before they get more serious. Additionally, we can take digital x-rays which will help us to better see the composition of your child's teeth. This will help us see whether your little one will be needing braces or other orthodontic devices to straighten up their smile.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to remove decay and fill in cavities in the mouth. The affected tooth area is filled with a bonded tooth colored resin filling. The resin is made from a variety of safe, natural-looking composite materials. If dental cavities in Lilburn, GA are discovered early on, simple dental fillings can be used to treat the decayed area. If left untreated, cavities can lead to severe tooth pain, infection, and the potential need for pulp therapy or extraction.

To avoid these dental complications, it's best to have your child come to our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA regularly for bi-annual teeth cleanings. During a routine dental cleaning is when our dental hygienists and pediatric dentist can evaluate your child's mouth for any abnormalities or potential cavities.

Pulp Therapy

Healthy SmilesA tooth's pulp is located in its inner, central core. The pulp area of a tooth is what contains blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and reparative cells. Pediatric dentistry in Lilburn, GA implements the use of pulp therapy on children to improve and maintain the vitality of an affected tooth so it doesn't have to be extracted. You may be wondering why a tooth would require pulp therapy in the first place.

If your child has recently experienced a traumatic injury to the mouth or has dental cavities, it is likely that he or she will need pulp therapy to restore the tooth's nerves. Pulp therapy in Lilburn, GA is essentially nerve treatment. Sometimes, pulp therapy is even referred to as a child's root canal. There are two forms of pulp therapy used at our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA which are pulpectomy and pulpotomy.

Pulpectomy in Lilburn, GA is used when the entire pulp area of a tooth is affected. During a pulpectomy, the entire diseased pulp will be removed from the crown and the root of the tooth. The canals will be cleaned and disinfected using a special solution. Once the pulp therapy procedure is finished, a restoration tooth will be set in place or a permanent tooth will be filled with non-resorbing material.

A pulpotomy in Lilburn, GA is used to remove diseased pulp sections that are within the crown area of your child's tooth. Once completed, a special agent is placed on the area to prevent bacterial growth and to calm and soothe remaining nerve tissue. Afterward, a stainless steel dental crown will be set into place as a means of restoration.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns in Lilburn, GA are used generally to cover a tooth that may be likely to break or is too damaged and decayed to be fixed with a dental filling. To determine how large the dental crown will be, you need to consider how large of a damaged area you need to fill. In essence, the larger the hole made by a cavity, the larger the dental crown will be.

You may be wondering why your tooth is likely to break. Your jaw muscles are the strongest in your entire body. They use a tremendous amount of force every time you chew. With a damaged tooth in this jaw area, it's likely that it could break or chip just from eating. This would cause a great deal of pain for your child, and that's why it's so important to consider dental crowns in Lilburn, GA. Dental crowns protect a damaged tooth and can provide exceptional strength when chewing.

Dental Extractions

If your child needs to have tooth removal in Lilburn, GA, our pediatric dental office is ready to help. We offer advanced anesthetic techniques to minimize any discomfort that your child may feel during the dental extraction procedure. The area surrounding the damaged tooth will be numbed and after the dental procedure is over, your child will be given a specific regimen to follow to ensure that the tooth area won't get infected.

Nitrous Oxide

Some children who come to our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA will be given nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help calm them down before a dental procedure. Nitrous oxide is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The gas will be administered professionally to your child with the use of a breathing mask. The laughing gas is mild and your child will not be sleeping during the procedure. He or she will still be conscious, but will be very relaxed.

Healthy SmileConscious I.V. Sedation Treatment

Conscious I.V. sedation treatment in Lilburn, GA is given to children who come to our dental office who are very young, have special needs, or are very nervous about a dental procedure.  The pediatric dentist at our dental office will perform the dental procedure while your child is sedated by a professional anesthesiologist.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants in Lilburn, GA are used on children to better protect their molar teeth. Molar teeth have tiny, narrow grooves on them that cannot generally be cleaned properly with normal brushing and flossing techniques. These little areas can develop painful cavities over time, so it's best to have dental sealants placed over them to prevent tooth decay and the build-up of harmful plaque.

Digital Dental Radiographs (Dental X-Rays)

Dental x-rays are absolutely essential at our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA. Our pediatric dentist uses your child's x-rays as diagnostic measures. With our dental x-rays, a dentist is able to evaluate erupting teeth, diagnose gum problems or bone diseases, evaluate a traumatic injury, or even plan orthodontic treatments as your child ages.

It is recommended that a pediatric dental office give dental x-rays every six months to children who are prone to tooth decay, and every 12 months to kids who have healthy teeth. Our pediatric dentists are trained in the use of dental x-rays and know how to minimize your child's exposure to the radiation. The amount of radiation received in a dental x-ray is negligible.

Please feel free to contact our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA to schedule an appointment to come see us. We look forward to helping your child get a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA offers orthodontic treatments for children and teens. Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry which involves properly aligning teeth and jaws. The improvement of your child's teeth and jaws will improve their facial structure, oral health, and even their self-confidence.

Orthodontics in Lilburn, GA

Our pediatric dentists understand that orthodontic treatments in Lilburn, GA will help your child by:

  • Shifting permanent teeth into their proper position
  • Improving the way in which the lips close
  • Influencing proper jaw alignment and growth
  • Making space for erupting permanent teeth
  • Improving certain speech problems
  • Making sure dental arches are the correct width
  • Shortening the treatment time for other corrective orthodontic procedures

If your child has an over bite or under bite, this is considered a bad bite or a malocclusion. A malocclusion may be caused from crowded teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, or misaligned jaws. Many malocclusions are inherited from parents, but some can just develop on their own. Sometimes malocclusions can be a result of an injury to the mouth or poor oral health habits. If your child has this problem, our malocclusion treatment in Lilburn, GA involves the use of dental braces.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are typically worn by individuals who are between the ages of 10 and 14. During these years are when teeth and jaw bones are still growing and developing in the mouth. It makes them more accessible to teeth straightening procedures.

Generally speaking, earlier preventative orthodontic treatment in Lilburn, GA can prevent the need for dental braces on a young child once they get older.

Please feel free to contact our pediatric dental office in Lilburn, GA for more information about our orthodontic treatments and dental braces.


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